The region offers a diverse range of soil types, climates and growing conditions, which make it ideal for the production of a vast array of food crops.

Located less than two and a half hours from Brisbane and just over an hour from Toowoomba, the Granite Belt region extends from Dalveen to Applethorpe, Stanthorpe to Ballandean and everywhere in between.

Our unique growing conditions and modern farming methods
ensure our region is able to deliver a consistent supply of Summer food crops
to Queensland and the Australian Eastern Seaboard.

Cool, high country of the Granite Belt

Elevated 800 – 1000m above sea level, the Granite Belt experiences sub zero winter nights, spring frosts and a cool summer climate. It’s this unique chill factor, coupled with warm days and low humidity that enables fruit to ripen to perfection and vegetables to thrive, allowing our region to grow some of the highest quality produce in the world

Diversity of produce grown

With the highest chill hours in Queensland, the Granite Belt is able to grow a truly diverse range of produce. Our unique climate supports the production of high-value fruit and vegetable crops in Summer, filling the supply gaps from other Queensland production areas during this period. We can grow crops from tropical regions to those typically grown in colder climates, distinctly setting us apart from any other horticultural region in Queensland.

Close proximity to major hubs

Perfectly positioned in South East Queensland just over 200km from Brisbane and 150km from Toowoomba, the Granite Belt is not only ideally positioned to provide Queensland with fresh produce throughout Summer, but to all major cities and centres throughout Australia. Our close proximity to key infrastructure such as the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane Airport and Toowoomba enterprise hub also allows efficient export into international markets within a day of harvest, at competitive prices.

Innovative and forward-thinking farmers

Despite the growing pressures on our land, Granite Belt farmers are some of the most innovative and forward-thinking producers in Australia. Through implementing modern production systems and adopting state of the art technologies such as drones, GPS and precision farming techniques, we have been able to constantly adapt to the challenges of our climate, such as weather variability and limited water availability. In fact, Granite Belt farmers were the first to fully adopt and implement netting and protective covers over their crops in Australia!


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