Production in the Granite Belt is Summer based and there are over 250 horticultural producers in our region, growing crops on an estimated 10,400 acres of farmland.

From apples and stone fruit, to summer crops of capsicums, tomatoes, green vegetables, strawberries and raspberries, it’s all grown here on the Granite Belt.

Produce grown on the Granite Belt

Tree Fruit

Tree Fruit

The Granite Belt region produces some of the best Tree fruit in Australia and include:

Apples, Stone Fruit, and Pears



The Region Produces Vegetables such as:

Tomatoes, Brassicas, Capsicums, Lettuce, Baby Leaf, Celery, Peas & Beans, Cucurbits, Heavy Vegetables, Parsley & Herbs



The cool climate enables the production of berries such as:

Strawberries, Strawberry runners and Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries.

Specialty Crops

Specialty Crops

Other crops grown in the region include:

Euphorbia, Mushrooms and Turf

Calendar of Production

Vegetable Planting Guide

From our farm to your fruit bowl or fridge!

Production on the Granite Belt is mostly throughout the Summer months, with our growers supplying Australian households across the Eastern Seaboard with fresh fruit and veggies from October to April (although some produce is grown outside of this window too)!

Once our produce is picked and packed, it is sent to three main destinations including the central wholesale markets, chain store distribution centres and processors. From there, typically within 48 hours of harvesting, our produce is in-store and ready for you to buy!

Where our Vegetables are Enjoyed

Where our Fruit is currently enjoyed


Membership is open to companies or individuals directly engaged in the growing of horticulture produce within the Granite Belt region

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